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Human Resources

As part of the placement services at Or Patreanu HR, we locate the potential candidate for you, check his suitability for the position through recruitment tests and recruit him to your ranks. In the placement process, the employee is employed by you and absorbed into your organization from day one.

The placement process is an excellent organizational solution for saving resources in locating and sorting potential candidates.

In order to carry out the recruitment process, we at Or Patreanu Services will receive the recruitment requirements from your organization according to the criteria you need. We will take care of locating the suitable candidates in a variety of recruitment ways and methods such as: through the various advertising channels, in our company's information systems, on social networks and more. interview them and send you only the most suitable candidates. After interviewing the candidates in your organization and if there is an agreement between both parties (the organization and the candidate), the candidate will sign the employment contract with your organization and become an employee of the company from day one.

Or Patreanu HR is one of the leading and most professional placement companies in the center.

Recruitment of contractor employees

Or Patreanu HR specializes in hiring employees and their long-term employment among its clients. Organizations that encounter standardization difficulties, or that wish to examine the suitability of an employee before accepting him as an employee of the organization, apply to Or Patreanu HR , as a personnel company, with a request for the recruitment of contractor employees and their long-term employment of up to 9 months. The recruitment of the employees will be carried out in accordance with the profile requirements that will be forwarded to us by you, the process of locating the employees and their sorting will be carried out quickly, the employees will be employed by Or Patreanu HR while strictly observing labor and salary laws and employer-employee relations will apply between them and ORS. With the recruitment of contractor employees for long-term employment through Or Patreanu HR , you will enjoy many advantages: the method allows the recruitment and employment of employees without the need for an internal organizational standard, you will be able to examine the suitability of the employee over time and only after you are impressed by his abilities and professionalism will you be able to accept him as an ordinary employee in your organization.


Outsourcing is a management method that allows a company to "outsource" an entire field of activity to an external party that specializes in it. Outsourcing is custom built to provide the best response to the client's requirements, including locating, sorting, recruiting personnel, training and assigning the employees to their actual management.

With the outsourcing method, we help our customers save costs - the field "exported" for treatment to an external professional party, is managed in the best way and saves time and expensive costs.

Optimizing work processes - customers who use outsourcing enjoy "management peace" and can focus on the organization's core issues.

Or Patreanu Services offers a flexible outsourcing service in full coordination with the client and according to his needs: Joint planning Analysis of needs with the client Setting Goals Development of work procedures Establishing a control system Sorting and training Professional and comprehensive selection process according to the job requirements The training of the employees subject to the required professional characteristics Actual project management Allocation of administrative staff Determining a work arrangement Ensuring workers' conditions, including welfare Managing the activity with the client's representatives Regular update of the client

Below are some examples of projects that we managed using the outsourcing method: 1. The giant simulation in Terminal 3 As part of the construction of Terminal 3 in Netav, the Airports Authority performed large-scale simulations to test the operation of the site.

The running experiments took place in a variety of areas (security, check-in and out processes, border control, luggage, etc.) based on a situational image. To carry out the experiments, the ORS company assigned thousands of employees and a project manager who worked closely with the authorities of the Airports Authority and assisted in the production of the experiment. In addition, ORS managed all the logistical aspects of the experiments (meals, transportation, discipline, etc.).

2. Ministry of Defense centers The ORS company managed and operated invoice processing centers for the disabled rehabilitation departments and bereaved families in the Ministry of Defense. The ORS company recruited and classified the employees through selection processes built especially for the client. The array was managed by a dedicated project manager and team managers in the field, who were entrusted with the actual execution of the work.

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